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Case Study 2:
When Hollows Save Money

Our case studies showcase Smiths Advanced Metals capabilites This case study clearly shows the advantages of working with Smiths Advanced Metals.

Our huge stock range, and variety of shapes and sizes means that we stock products which are closer to your finished requirements, saving you money by reducing your machining costs.

Read how we do this in the case study below:

The Problem

A scientific instrument manufacturer was using 5" brass rod to make instruments. Although the material was ideal, over 25% was being machined away.

The Solution

We supplied the customer with 5" x 1 1/4" wall tube.

Customer Benefits

  • A unit cost reduction of ten percent on material alone
  • Substantial savings on machining time
  • Prolonged tool life
Note: Hexagon users should consider hexagon hollows


Machining costs a great deal and scrap is expensive material. Many customers have benefited from this double saving by changing from solid rod to tube. Why drill a 1" hole in a 2" diameter rod when we can supply 2" x 1/2" wall tube in either brass or aluminium?

Our wide range means that we can often supply you with your optimum size ex-stock. Whilst our bearing bronze hollows naturally come with a clean up tolerance.

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