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Case Study 5:
Custom Manufacture

Our case studies showcase Smiths Advanced Metals capabilites We are not just a metals specialist. We can supply our metals at extruded parts which will keep your machining costs to a minimum

Our customers all have varying needs. A common theme however, is the need to keep material stock levels to a minimum and reduce machining costs where possible. We help you achieve this even further by arranging for metal to be extruded into the shapes you need, which again keep your machining costs to a minimum.

Read the case study below to see how you can make further savings:

The Problem

A motor sport valve gear manufacturer, using cut blocks of HS15 (2014A) plate to make overhead valve rockers, was carrying out substantial on an otherwise well selected product.

The Solution

Following discussion with the customer, we replaced the product with a custom HE15 (2014A) extrusion which reduced machining to a minimum.

Customer Benefits

  • Substantial savings on machining time
  • Savings on tool wear


A correctly designed extrusion can save you unnecessary machining and also remove the need to fabricate tow or more components together, leading to large cost savings and increased component strength.

As well as making savings by buying the exact amount of material that you need, you can also arrange a custom extrusion to obtain an optimum shape to reduce your machining down to a minimum.

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