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Case Study 6
Improved Component Performance

Our case studies showcase Smiths Advanced Metals capabilites We can supply you with speciality metals which offer better characteristics including strength and machinability

The benefits of dealing with Smiths Advanced Metals are numerous, with product knowledge high on the list. We not only know our products but we also know how to best apply them.

Read the case study below to see how the supply of speciality metals could help you:

The Problem

A medical equipment manufacturer was making precision supports for radiotherapy equipment from HS30 (6082) and NS8 (5083). Whilst strength was not critical in this application, shape stability was. The plates were, however, distorting during extensive machining and two out of ten days were being spent on remedial machining.

The Solution

We suggested the two aluminium alloys were replaced with high shape stability speciality plate.

Customer Benefits

  • Overall manufacturing time was greatly reduced
  • Time was not wasted on remedial machining
  • The customer had certainty of manufacture and lead times
  • Excellent consistency of equipment leading to greater selling confidence was achieved

Other Applications

Many high strength applications can be greatly improved by use of speciality plates. Speciality plates can frequently replace steel without geometry or size change.


All purpose alloys are designed to be good all-rounders with no significant weaknesses. For special applications it is frequently more cost effective to select a higher performance alloy to match your specific criteria.

Our range of aluminium speciality plates are engineered to out-perform all-purpose alloys and steel in specific properties such as strength, shape, stability, corrosion resistance, weldability, anodisability, machinability or some combination of these factors.

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