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Case Study 7
What you need, when you need it...

Our case studies showcase Smiths Advanced Metals capabilites The most expensive metal for your business is the one that you don't have. We know that ensuring that you have a reliable source of supply time and time again is critical to your business

At Smiths Advanced Metals, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that you receive your material on time, every time. Offering an industry leading bespoke stock management system with a fully embedded quality management system, we ensure that we take every possible measure to ensure that the quality of your material is of the highest standard and supplied to you exactly when you require it.

Read the case study below to see how we support business with timely and efficient delivery :

The Problem

A precision sub-contract engineer was making repetition components from 3 1/2" and 4 1/2" diameter brass. A thousand components were made every month of each size from 30mm long blanks. Prototype work was also carried out on very small numbers of blanks of different sizes.

The customer who was initially using another supplier, purchased full length rods and cut the blanks on site with a manual saw. This tied up the company operator for two weeks each month, resulting in excess stock and machine time. Moreover, 4 1/2" diameter bar had to be cut down to just over 4 1/4" diameter finished size, resulting in considerable excess scrap. The supplier, who had no cutting service, was unwilling to offer any product closer to finished size.

The Solution

We supplied 1000 ready cut close tolerance billets for final machining of each size at the start of every month. We substituted ex-stock 4 1/8" diameter bar for 4 1/2" diameter. We also supplied a small number of billets (minimum order one!) for prototype work.

Customer Benefits

  • Inefficient in-house cutting was replaced with Smiths automatic saws
  • Customer capital expenditure in a new saw was avoided
  • Expensive in-house operators were only used on specialist machining jobs
  • The worry of maintaining billet tolerances was removed
  • Machining time was reduced
  • Scrap generation was reduced
  • JIT delivery reduced inventory, warehouse and finance costs


The through-costs of even the most simple material orders can be masked by historical purchasing patterns and costs which go unnoticed because they are hidden. Take a fresh and wide look at your raw material sourcing. It is bound to yield benefits.

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