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Yellow Metals Datasheets

Yellow Metals Datasheets 4 individual PDF documents available for viewing or download relating to our Yellow Metals range of quality products

To view any of the files the file click on the PDF icon. To save the file without viewing, 'right click' then click 'save target as'.

We recommend the Adobe Acrobat reader with can downloaded and installed free of charge from the Adobe website at

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Aluminium Alloy & Stainless Steel Titanium Nickel Alloys Yellow Metals

View / Download Yellow Metals Datasheets:

■  Alloy 3 (C17510)

A high conductivity copper beryllium alloy used in applications requiring a combination of high thermal conductivity with moderate strength.
27 kb ■  Download
■  Alloy 25 (C17200)

A high performance copper beryllium alloy used in applications requiring strength, fatigue resistance, non-magnetic properties, conductivity, and corrosion resistance
28 kb ■  Download

A high performance copper-nickel-silicon precipitation hardening alloy offering a unique combination of properties and performance characteristics.
100 kb ■  Download
■  Nickel Aluminium Bronze

Complex copper alloy with 10% aluminium and 5 % nickel and iron. Combines high mechanical strength/hardness with good ductility, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Typical specifications - BS B23(DTD 197A), CA 104, CW307G, AMS 4640. For marine propeller and pump shafts, Oil & Gas industry equipment, aerospace components, Naval applications.
40 kb ■  Download

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